About Lee Keough

As editor in chief of TechWeb, Lee Keough was directly responsible for the editorial content for a network of seven Web sites, including TechWeb News, a daily information service; Planet IT, the online community for IT professionals;, the site for Windows power-users; and, a site for computer professionals.

Keough served as both editor in chief and associate publisher of Data Communications and helped pioneer a new approach to technology journalism, one that clearly explained and accurately compared complicated networking and telecom products. She set the editorial direction for the magazine's domestic, international, and Asia-Pacific editions and documented the rise of the networking industry, the emergence of the Internet, and the development of the new public network infrastructure.

As associate publisher, Keough ran Data Comm's highly successful custom publishing and seminar business. She also was editorial director of CMP's Telecom 99 project, with direct responsibility for its Web site, 40 hours of TV programming, daily newspaper, CD-ROM, and interactive kiosks.

Keough started her career as a newspaper reporter. She holds a B.S. from St. John's University.

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