services The principals of The Forsite Group are Lee Keough and Aaron Fischer, two of the most highly regarded and widely honored editors and writers in the IT industry.

Keough and Fischer were the editorial cornerstone of CMP Media's, the content-rich network of sites that AdvertisingAge named one of the three most important B2B sites in 1999. At its peak, garnered 30 million page views a month. They also were the driving force behind Data Communications, the magazine that set the editorial standard for the business technology press.

In their decade at Data Communications, Keough and Fischer earned six Jesse Neal awards (the Pulitzer Prize of the business press) and guided the publication to more than forty awards for editorial excellence, including a dozen Computer Press Awards and nearly twenty editorial achievement awards from CMP Media and McGraw-Hill. In 1998, the Data Comm Web site earned a silver medal as the best B2B site.

Keough and Fischer also conceived and created the Web site and interactive kiosks for Telecom 99, the world's largest telecom trade show hosted by the International Telecommunications Union.